About Us

Rush House is a charitable organisation providing a range of accommodation and support services including advice and independent living skills training to young people aged 16-25.

OUR VALUES – we have key values that are intrinsic to everything that we do which were developed by staff, service users and trustees. We believe that what sets us aside from other providers is our focus and belief in having service users involved in development and delivery of their services.

TRUST – trust in each other and staff. Staff trusting you. Earning, deserving and keeping trust with people.

RESPECT – Respect people as well as peoples’ things, privacy, culture, religion, gender, sexuality and choices.

STABILITY – Positive environment, feeling safe and secure in Rush House.

EQUALITY & DIVERSITY – Everyone is equal but also different and accepting that people are people regardless of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or culture.

UNITY – Everyone working together; staff, service users, volunteers, board members and the community.

BELIEF of CHANGE – We believe in second chances and that everyone has the capacity to learn and develop. We are all human.




A Brief History of Rush House

In 1980 a group of interested agencies and individuals set up a steering group to explore the feasibility of setting up provision for the increasing number of homeless young people in Rotherham.  There was representation from Council of Voluntary Service (CVS), the forerunner of Voluntary Action Rotherham (VAR), the Samaritans, the RMBC Youth and Community Service and individual borough and parish councillors.

A trial project was launched in 1982, managed by CVS who employed the one full time member of staff, who was assisted by 2 volunteers from the Cyrenians. This was a national charity that provided volunteers to work in similar projects.  A house was provided by RMBC on Clifton Lane.  The house had 3 bedrooms and was scantily furnished as funding was extremely limited. The project was managed by a Management Committee from the original steering group.  The name of Rush was created from an acronym of Rotherham Unit for Single Homeless.

The need for provision for homeless young people was clearly established and after much negotiating the property at 18-19 Lindum Terrace was provided by RMBC in 1985 in partnership with South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) and funding was obtained for two full time and some part time staff to manage the project. Provision was only for Direct Access and Bed sit accommodation. Later the need was identified for follow on accommodation and the Supported Housing arm of the project was developed with more staff being employed.

Now in the present day Rush House operates an Emergency Homeless Provision, this being a true direct access service, supported bedsit accommodation & a shared housing scheme with dispersed properties across the Rotherham Borough.