Starting the week on a high……

“There’s nothing like kick-starting your working week with some positive vibes and feedback so I thought we’d share some with our lovely followers.

Last week we said fond farewell to 2 young people who left us to move to pastures new. Both were positive moves to family/friends with both young people making a fresh start. We ask each young person to complete a feedback questionnaire when they leave to ask them about their stay, the support and the facilities. More often than not they will tick the boxes that need ticking but don’t really take much opportunity to offer their own words/sentiments. So imagine how thrilled we were to read such comments as;

“Really enjoyed support from NEET worker around job opportunities with interests”

“…..all care workers are NOT narrow minded. Rush House staff – they’re for kids!”

I think this gives a really good indicator that our service users are positively affected by the values that underpin the work we do at Rush House. Certainly here this young person knows that staff at Rush House are here for young people and do not judge them in any way. Clearly this meant something to this individual.

However, the best comment you can read on a feedback sheet has to be;

“Best care thing I’ve been to. Best accommodation I have been to”

Fair to say the sentiment is mutual and we wish both young people every possible happiness in the future – I am sure they will keep in touch and let us know how they are doing.

To add to this we had a lovely email from one of the many statutory workers we work with on a daily basis, each supporting the other to coordinate the best possible support for the young people in our care. We have done some really good work with one particular individual who at times it is fair to say found living at Rush House a bit of a challenge. Here is what that worker had to say about Rush House;

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your work with ******. I know [it] hasn’t been easy, but you have always been really fabulous with him and have had a lot of patience!”

“Thanks especially to Laura, you did some amazing work with ****** and I am really very grateful”.

Right here is why we keep doing what we do and why we hope to keep doing it for many more years to come. We are hoping very soon to have some  positive news to share with you all about the future of Rush House services so please watch this space…..


Lisa R (Manager)

Rosemary Boyle – Lifetime Achievement award winner!!!

We are so thrilled to share that on Thursday 16th May, our CEO and Manager had the pleasure of accompanying our much loved and admired Vice Chair to the Rotherham Advertiser Community Achievement Awards where she had been shortlisted for the Lifetime Achievement award. Having nominated Rosemary for this award some weeks ago, it gave us an opportunity to wax lyrical about just how wonderful this lady is. She has been at the heart of Rush House since the 1980s and was part of the group that actually identified a need for supported accommodation for homeless young people in Rotherham. It is fair to say without Rosemary and her contemporaries Rush House would simply not exist. What started back then was a 30+ year commitment from Rosemary to support Rush House to navigate the often choppy waters of the local Voluntary & Community sector and to help steer us through some difficult times as we faced funding cuts and restructures. Rosemary has remained at the helm for all those years and is still Vice Chair of our esteemed board of directors who all give generously of their time, knowledge and passion to make life a little more bearable for our most vulnerable young people and to ensure that Rush House can move forward and develop in the most effective way. In addition to this Rosemary has been an active advocate and supporter of Rotherham Voluntary and Community sector for her entire working life and has given freely of her time to many good causes over the years. In fact alongside her longstanding commitment to Rush House, Rosemary was for many years also Chair of the board of directors for GROW another local charity and voluntary sector organisation providing a plethora of services to support women and families within our locality and only stepped down from that role later in life when ill health dictated a need to take things a little slower – though it is fair to say that taking things slow really does not feature in Rosemary’s agenda to often!. In most recent times Rosemary has rallied her friends, neighbours and social contacts to raise over £500 towards the fundraising efforts of Maddy Corr who recently completed the London Marathon for Rush House which no doubt was a massive boost to her but will also go a long way to supporting vulnerable young people engaged within our services.

Against some very strong competition, we are ecstatic to say that Rosemary was named the winner of her category and we looked on proudly as she received her award to the applause of the gathered audience and gave a typically impassioned speech about Rush House and the work we do. We are incredibly proud and privileged to have Rosemary still actively contributing to our work and to be able to say that we have helped her get the recognition she so richly deserves.

Rosemary there are not enough words to say how much we value your contribution to Rush House and how much we love and respect you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Lifetime Achievement may 2019

Lisa R (Manager)