When you know you’re doing something right!!

Hi All,

I just had to stop and take a moment to share with you all the most lovely feedback we have received this weekend from one of our departing tenants. We ask each young person to complete a feedback sheet whenever they enter or leave our service and all to often when we can get them completed, they are rushed and young people don’t always want to go into detail. This young person has taken the time to really think about how Rush House has helped them and had this to say;

“This place kept me on the straight and narrow”

As well as giving us the top rating on things such as “accommodation” and “staff team” we ask at the end if there’s any further comments or suggestions they would like to make. Here’s what this young person had to say;

“There’s not anymore except I’ve turned myself around from negative vibes”

What a fantastic result, being the right place at the right time for this young person and their family. We are so immensely proud of this young person and wish them every happiness for their future ventures.

What a great start to the week!!


Lisa R (Manager)

Meeting Ben Ashcroft – Author of 51 Moves

Wow what a truly fabulous week at Rush House. This week we were chuffed to be able to celebrate the 18th birthday of one of our lovely young gentlemen – hoped he enjoyed his card & celebratory Mc Ds!

We have 3 young people due to leave Rush House imminently and we couldn’t be happier because they are moving on to more independent accommodation or returning to family. However long they spend with us at Rush House it never gets any easier to say goodbye but we wish each of them all the happiness as they move to their safe and settled home.

Yesterday we interviewed for the Casual Support Worker role we have had advertised. What a fantastic day! We met 4 lovely candidates who were interviewed by our management team and by 2 brilliant service users who represented their peers and Rush House with aplomb, taking their responsibility very seriously. We hope to be introducing our new team members shortly.

Today we had the pleasure and privilege of meeting with Ben Ashcroft, author of 51 Moves and avid campaigner for children and young people in care. Ben brought with him the most lovely piece of art work which we have now displayed in our resident lounge. It contains language framed around hope, relationships and better futures and we hope it will inspire our young people as much as it has inspired us. Ben has spent the afternoon with us, talking to staff, sharing his experiences. What a great guy, using his narrative to help shape the way people approach and understand young people in care. We have learnt so much from him already and hope this is just the start of a happy and supportive collaboration. If ever you want to understand how it feels to be a young person in care, please take a few hours to read 51 Moves. It really does hit home just how vulnerable and fragile our young people in care are and will undoubtedly inform our continued focus on building connections with our service users.

Please don’t forget our Maddy Corr who is putting herself through an arduous training programme to get ready for her London Marathon run in aid of Rush House. Please support her if you can, £1 can quickly add up if enough people donate.



Happy Weekend all


Lisa R