When you know you’re doing something right!!

Hi All,

I just had to stop and take a moment to share with you all the most lovely feedback we have received this weekend from one of our departing tenants. We ask each young person to complete a feedback sheet whenever they enter or leave our service and all to often when we can get them completed, they are rushed and young people don’t always want to go into detail. This young person has taken the time to really think about how Rush House has helped them and had this to say;

“This place kept me on the straight and narrow”

As well as giving us the top rating on things such as “accommodation” and “staff team” we ask at the end if there’s any further comments or suggestions they would like to make. Here’s what this young person had to say;

“There’s not anymore except I’ve turned myself around from negative vibes”

What a fantastic result, being the right place at the right time for this young person and their family. We are so immensely proud of this young person and wish them every happiness for their future ventures.

What a great start to the week!!


Lisa R (Manager)

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